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On the Internet since 1994.
Listed on first page of Google for 15 years straight.

Enormous Corporate Marketing Opportunity to reach millions of parents of children 10 and under! 

Provide an informative website and place your ads throughout the website.
What corporations may want to consider this possibility? 

, cookie and snack companies, Merck, pediatric drug companies, Procter & Gamble, Gerber Baby, diapers and baby food companies , General Mills, cereal and crackers companies, Similac,
baby milk manufacturers, Mattel, Lego, Hasbro, toy companies, Graco,Britaz, Fisher Price, car seats and stroller companies.

It could be two very powerful companies sharing in the cost and the benefits of this umbrella name of

Name Value: Easy words to remember, easy to spell, ends in .com,  a subject of interest to all caring parents of young children and the site will provide information worth passing along to friends, therefore more customers to your advertising venue. Great Public Relations effort: Shows you care about your customer's child's safety!
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